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University of South Florida/Tampa (USF) - SG Senate President, 16-17
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Position: Senate President
Actual Title: Senate President
Department or Organization: Student Government (SG)

Compensation Type: Salary, Office & computer, Conference registration & travel, Other perks
Annual Compensation Actual: $20,000
Annual Compensation Range: $15,000+

Compensation Description:
Identical to the Student Body President, with a small extra perk. Since we don't have a computer in the Senate Chambers, I am provided a laptop in addition to my office computer with which to run the Senate Meetings. I share an Office with my Pro Tempore.

At USF our salaries are hourly. The Student Body President, along with their Vice President, the Senate President, the Senate President Pro Tempore, the Chief Justice, and the Senior Justice are all paid a salary at the "Branch Head" level. We budget for ourselves enough for our positions to work their maximum number of hours, though that doesn't happen every week. In the case of the Student Body President, he is budgeted for $10.25/h for 39 hours a week. On average, only 2/3 of this amount is utilized each year, though the flexibility allows for a particularly engaged and enthusiastic Student Body President to work the extra hours needed to fulfill their initiatives. The SBP shares an office with the SBVP, and each gets a computer. The SBP attends occasional statewide conferences and travels to other University SG's in Florida for benchmark comparisons, and this opportunity is afforded to the other branch heads as well. Shirts, pens, and other trinkets are regularly handed out to students by the Executive Branch, so the SBP would also have access to them though they again aren't an explicit benefit of the position. Our SG via a collaboration with our Parking and Transportation system and our Athletics provides to all students free travel to and from home games and occasional nearby NFL games. As a student the SBP can of course attend, though again this isn't explicit to the position. We do occasionally purchase food for meetings and the Executive Branch does the same for their cabinet meetings (especially the longer ones), though it is an SG policy that any food purchased using student funds cannot be restricted from any student, and so any interested students are invited to attend and share in the food. I won't repeat the items available to all students for the other positions.

I've pasted the pay scale below; this may provide some clarification on the above information. Typically B-4 positions work 39 h/w, B-3 work 20 h/w, and the rest work between 10 and 15 h/w. I hope this list doesn't ruin whatever classification system you were using. All paid positions have their own computers and work spaces.

Level B-1 ($8.55)

  • ASRC Member (senator elected to sit on annual budget committee)
  • Coordinator (position below assistant director)
  • ERC Deputy Supervisor of Elections
  • Executive Branch Deputy Secretary/Student Advisor

Level B-2 ($8.85)

  • Assistant or Associate Director
  • Associate Justice
  • Deputy Attorney General
  • Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • ERC Associate Supervisor of Elections
  • Executive Branch Secretary/Student Advisor

Level B-3 ($9.55)

  • Attorney General
  • Auditor
  • General Chairperson (Chairs standing committees)
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief of Staff
  • Director
  • ERC Supervisor of Elections
  • Executive, Judicial, Senate Clerk
  • Ranking Justice
  • Senate Transcriber (they transcribe senate meetings)
  • Solicitor General

Level B-4 ($10.25)

  • Chief Justice
  • Senate President
  • Senate President Pro-Tempore
  • Senior Justice
  • Student Body President
  • Student Body Vice President

I know this is a bit confusing, but that's just half of our pay scale system. The other half is for our Agencies and is a bit more complex. We have a big SG. We also have a few specialist positions for high-demand jobs, for which the wages are higher due to the competitive job market. The highest paid student position within our SG are our Disk Jockeys who work in Bulls Radio for $11.50 per hour. If you want a more detailed breakdown of how each position is paid, feel free to send me a call (352 678-0052); I've been working here in USF SG for 3 years now.

Should SG officers be paid? Why or why not?
SG Officers should be paid. At my University with its >40,000 students and $18+ million SG budget many of our students work for as many hours as is legally allowed before the position becomes full-time (39 hours). The work they do is highly skilled and not easily replaceable, and is invaluable to improving the student experience for everyone else. In our Legislative Branch alone we have 12 students working 20 or more hours a week, and an additional 8 working 10 hours a week. To ask students to volunteer all this time is to lose the students to positions that will pay them. While some positions may be filled regardless, though with people unable to work as many hours, we also have within our SG positions that simply would sit unfilled without pay. These include the drivers for our SAFE Team golf cart safety system which drives worried students to their residence halls at night, Bulls Radio employees who run the music stations hat play in our buildings, and other similar jobs.

If SG officers should be paid, what is the best form of compensation* (salary, scholarship, stipend, tuition waiver, etc.)?
The form of compensations isn't particularly important, as long as it fairly rewa rds students for their work. $100 equivalent for 2000+ hours isn't a fair reward, whereas something like $10000 equivalent in credit hour waivers would be much closer. This becomes expensive, of course, but our mission to serve students as a Student Government does not give us the immunity to extort students for free labor. The dollar amount should of course be related to the amount and type of work needed for the position.

Source: SG Salary Survey submitted by 16-17 SG Senate President, Aladdin Hiba, on 12/16/16

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