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19 record(s) found for Elections, Campaigns.
1. SG Election Resources - What Should Your Poll Location Look Like?
This document describes what your Student Government polling location should look like.
Issue: Student Leader - Web-Only
Category: Elections, Campaigns
Author: Oxendine, Butch

2. How Social Networking Web Sites Impact SG Elections (ASGA survey for Grambling State University)
Grambling State University commissioned ASGA to survey historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) about social networking web sites and their impact on student government elections.
Issue: Student Leader - Web-Only
Category: Elections, Campaigns

3. Planning a Successful Student Government Election
This article by the marketing manager for Survey and Ballot Systems gives advice about planning your next SG election.
Issue: Student Leader - Web-Only
Category: Elections, Campaigns
Author: Tim Madsen

4. Key Case: Buying the Election
This article about student government spending limits appeared in Magna's Campus Legal Monthly in June 2008.
Issue: Student Leader - Web-Only
Category: Elections, Campaigns
Author: Campus Legal Monthly

5. Election irregularities crop up within system
The recent East Carolina University election controversy illuminated an issue campuses face across the state: how to run a legitimate student government election.
Issue: Student Leader - Web-Only
Category: Elections, Campaigns
Author: Christopher S. Jachimowicz

6. Vote for Me!
Campaign pointers from a former Student Government president
Issue: Student Leader - Web-Only
Category: Elections, Campaigns

7. That's the Ticket
Running for SG President
Issue: Student Leader - Fall 2004
Category: Elections, Campaigns
Author: By Steve Wymer

8. President for Life
Should SG leaders serve multiple terms?
Issue: Student Leader - Spring 2003
Category: Elections, Campaigns
Author: Butch Oxendine, editor in chief

9. Grab a Seat
Although it's common to see students run for local office, just a handful actually win. Here's how two leaders did it.
Issue: Student Leader - Winter 2003
Category: Elections, Campaigns
Author: Eric Swalwell & Michael Marcelli

10. Campaign Strategies
Tried and true tips to winning an election
Issue: Student Leader - Winter 2002
Category: Elections, Campaigns
Author: Vincent Alex Brown, editor (compiled by)

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