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Bakersfield College/Bakersfield (BC) - SGA President, 05-06
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Position: President
Term of Office: 05-06

#1 Seeks SG input on important issues: 4-6 (SG is occasionally consulted on student life issues)
#1 Actual Score: 5
#1 Prove It: SGA is encouraged to participate in campus committees. Administration make some effort including students in decisions. There's bureaucratic inertia in the system & communication between the various constituencies is severely lacking.
#2 Supports leadership training with money: 4-6 (SG pays for majority of training, the school helps if asked)
#2 Actual Score: 4
#2 Prove It: The student government pays for the vast majority of its training through fees collected from students and placed into the SG budget. The administration has little to do with training, but will make some effort at accommodating us if we ask for help.
#3 Aids in the trans and install of SG officers: 2 (A few administrators--like SG advisor--notes new officers)
#3 Actual Score: 2
#3 Prove It: The school does not aid in the transition and installation of new SG officers, but our advisor does make it known that a new student leadership has been elected following the spring annual elections.
#4 Has an open door policy: 7-9 (Higher-level administrators willing to schedule time for you)
#4 Actual Score: 8
#4 Prove It: The President, Vice Presidents, and Dean of Students are open and welcoming to the SGA; lower-level administrators, such as deans of student learning and directors, are much less welcome and rarely ask for our input.
#5 Ensures student part. on college committees: 7-9 (SG has reps on most academic and student affairs committees)
#5 Actual Score: 7
#5 Prove It: Students have served on the screening committees to select the college president, VP of student services, dean of students, and director of supportive services. This is recent so continued student participation on committees is our priority.
#6 Includes SG in finance issues: 7-9 (SG may review school budgets and spending decisions)
#6 Actual Score: 7
#6 Prove It: We don't develop the school budget. We can access the budget & where student fees are allocated. We develop our own budget & have 2 accounts for student fees. Administration doesn't allow full access to the accounts they "hold" for us.
#7 Respects SGs decisions: 7-9 (SG has a sphere of control in which decisions unchallenged)
#7 Actual Score: 8
#7 Prove It: We have where it counts - the administration attempted to move our campus newspaper out of the campus center, to "prioritize" the academic side of the journalism program. The SGA objected, they backed down.
#8 Balances expect. of responsibility with education: 7-9 (Administration patiently waits for decisions from SG)
#8 Actual Score: 7
#8 Prove It: We are merely consulted before a decision is made, other times we are included in the decision-making process and our opinion is the one that counts. We are allowed to make our own mistakes and learn from them.
#9 Provides adequate space for SG offices: 7-9 (SG has ample space for meetings and business)
#9 Actual Score: 9
#9 Prove It: We don't have luxurious accommodations, but we have plenty of office space for the task at hand. Each executive officer has his/her own office, plus a meeting room and storage space.
#10 Treats student leaders as colleagues: 4-6 (Some administrators have a rapport with SG leaders)
#10 Actual Score: 6
#10 Prove It: Again, top-level administrators bring us into the decision-making process, but lower-level administrators tend to treat student government leaders as kids.
#11 Includes SG activities in external pubs: 3-4 (SG is able to call PR to cover certain events)
#11 Actual Score: 3
#11 Prove It: In the past the student government president has been asked to show up to events to prove that students are included in college events. We have a new PR director at our college, however, and he is pro-student and is open to covering our activities.

Total Score Range: 51 to 75 (Public Relations)
Total Score Actual: 66
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