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University of South Florida/Tampa (USF) - SG President, 04-05
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Position: President
Term of Office: President, 04-05

#1 Seeks SG input on important issues: 7-9 (SG is often consulted on issues directly affecting students)
#1 Actual Score: 8
#1 Prove It: Our President and University Officials contact us when making major decisions for the University. We communicate constantly with our Presidnet, Provost, lobbyist, CFO, and other key administratos.
#2 Supports leadership training with money: 0-3 (SG pays for all of its own leadership training)
#2 Prove It: SG pays for everything. We pay for our training, the training of leaders of other student organizations, for our student union operations, and our recreation center.
#3 Aids in the trans and install of SG officers: 2 (A few administrators--like SG advisor--notes new officers)
#3 Actual Score: 2
#3 Prove It: We are responsible for maintaining our documents. Our University President attends our inauguration ceremony every year.
#4 Has an open door policy: 7-9 (Higher-level administrators willing to schedule time for you)
#4 Actual Score: 8
#4 Prove It: It is funny that I rate ourselves a 8 because higher level administrators are willing to give us their time but lower level administrators are not willing to meet with us as much. This is kind of bizarre.
#5 Ensures student part. on college committees: 4-6 (SG has reps on largely student life issues committees)
#5 Actual Score: 5
#5 Prove It: We are trying to move in the direction to ensure that we have student representation on all committees. However, there is still work that needs to be done.
#6 Includes SG in finance issues: 7-9 (SG may review school budgets and spending decisions)
#6 Actual Score: 9
#6 Prove It: We do not help them make the budget, but we do participate in some decision making. A lot of this is due to the fact that I am a trustee more than anything .. because I do not get invited due to my position of Student Body president.
#7 Respects SGs decisions: 7-9 (SG has a sphere of control in which decisions unchallenged)
#7 Actual Score: 8
#7 Prove It: The Florida Statutes give us a lot of autonomy and our decisions cannot be reversed unless if it involves the functioning of our University or liability.
#8 Balances expect. of responsibility with education: 4-6 (SG not permitted the time necessary to make decisions)
#8 Actual Score: 5
#8 Prove It: The administration does trust us with decisions and values our input even in times of crisis.
#9 Provides adequate space for SG offices: 10 (SG has what others would consider luxurious accommodations)
#9 Actual Score: 10
#9 Prove It: We have our space because we pay for the utilities of the Student Union. However, we have more than some other Universities.
#10 Treats student leaders as colleagues: 7-9 (Most administrators trust and respect SG leaders)
#10 Actual Score: 9
#10 Prove It: This is definitely true. We are respected because we were elected by the students and with no students, there is no University.
#11 Includes SG activities in external pubs: 2 (SG publicity is staged for the school’s PR department)
#11 Actual Score: 2
#11 Prove It: Some events do get covered ... however there is a lot fo improvement that needs to be done.

Total Score Range: 51 to 75 (Public Relations)
Total Score Actual: 66
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