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Student Government Retreats

Recommended Time of Year: Within one month of new officers being sworn in; within one month of the start of the fall semester or quarter; within one month of the start of the spring semester or quarter

Whether it's your newly elected executive board, or the entire senate, it is critical for you to have a training retreat. The SG Consulting Group recommends either the beginning of the academic year or at the end after the election of the new officers.

This strategy allows the body to acclimate with one another and begin to discuss goals and issues in the coming term. During the retreat, your SG's "corporate culture" usually will start to develop, and that is best facilitated by outsiders.

Student Government "Regroup" Retreats

Recommended Time of Year: Mid-year, Post-Christmas vacation; Post-Spring Break; Mid fall semester

The "regroup" retreat should be a time to set realistic goals for the rest of the year, refocus on goals and plans that reasonably can be accomplished, and develop a plan to be the most effective group possible during the rest of your term of office.

Suggested Content
SG Consulting Group “retreats” usually incorporate the “Student Government Effectiveness Test” and the “Test Your Administrators” quiz, which are tools to assess your strengths and weaknesses as a Student Government and also understand how your administrators view the role of SG on your campus. Realistically, the entire retreat can review these two tools, but we can incorporate other workshops such as “How to Get Publicity for Your SG” and even team-building workshops such as "How to Make Students Care About Your SG," "50 Tips to Improve Your SG Elections," “How to Battle Negativity” or “Stomp Out Gossip" and many other workshops.

We will develop an agenda based on your unique and specific needs.

Please inquire if you have additional questions.

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