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Student Leader - Fall 2003

Branching Out
• Cover Profile: Utah Valley State College SGA
• Get SG heard all over campus
• Break tired traditions in your SG
• Give students what they need now
• Boost spirit and unite your campus


Administrators, Relations With
  • Voting Rights
    By Lisa Sheaffer
    Learn how the Utah Valley State College Student Government Association gained a voice in all the major voting bodies on campus
  • We the Students
    By Chris Donathan
    Here are the ins and outs of drafting a constitution that caters to your organization's needs
Group Management, Member Relations
  • Back Talk
    By Amy Shannon
    Stop loose lips from endangering your group's main focus
  • Fix That Squeaky Wheel
    By Chelsea Greenwood, assistant editor
    Follow these five steps to deal with troublemakers in your student organization
Group Management, Team-Building
  • So Happy Together
    By Stephanie Reck, editor
    These 10 tips will help you transform your squabbling group into a cohesive unit
Improving Your SG
  • Don't Even Go There
    By Ken Kruger
    Sidestep these pitfalls that often hamper progress within Student Governments
Leadership, Techniques
  • United You'll Stand
    By Ashley Tarbet
    If your school spirit is lagging, read these examples on promoting campus unity
Leadership, Training & Development
  • On Your Honor
    Compiled by Student Leader Staff
    Looking to join a national honor society? Our list can help identify the right one for you
Student Services/SG Programs and Events
  • At Your Service
    By Risa G. Merl
    Take a cue from these SGs that go the extra mile to meet their students' short-term needs
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