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Student Leader - Fall 2002

Super Servants
• Cover Profile: Lindsay Hyde
• Service Pays Off
• Superstars of Service
• Time to Lend a Hand
• National Lobby Groups

Administrators, Relations With
  • Get Ready to Rumble
    Felicia J. Barclay
    Protesting may get you media attention, but there are better methods to get results with the administration.
Advisors, Relations With
  • Take Our Advice
    Vincent Alex Brown, executive editor
    Using full-time or co-advisors will help your group be more effective.
Budgets & Finance
  • Not Another Budget Cut!
    Butch Oxendine, editor in chief
    Follow these 20 money-saving tips and your group will be financially better off.
Group Management, Team-Building
  • United We Grow
    Risa G. Merl, senior editorial assistant
    Learn from tested leaders what it takes to build unity in your group.
Improving Your SG
  • Ask the Expert
    Student Leader staff
    Leveraging over two decades of student leadership experience, Student Leader Publisher and Editor in Chief W.H. "Butch" Oxendine, Jr., is now available as "America's #1 SG Consultant."
  • National Lobby Groups
    By Chelsea Ellis
    Do we need a new national student alliance, and if so, what would its purpose be?
Service, Campus and Community
  • Service Pays Off
    Catherine Smith
    That warm, fuzzy feeling you get isn't the only benefit to community service. Your group can get tangible results from service work.
  • Strength Training
    John Lamothe, associate editor
    Harvard's Lindsay Hyde is teaching girls how to build self-esteem through her after-school program "Strong Women, Strong Girls."
  • Superstars of Service
    Compiled by Student Leader staff
    These four students know what it means to sacrifice for the good of others. Find out how and why they're involved in service.
  • Time to Lend a Hand
    Compiled by Student Leader staff
    Looking for a community service organization to join? Find the perfect group from our list.
Student Services/SG Programs and Events
  • Joining Forces
    John Lamothe, associate editor
    A Student Government brings together all the groups on campus.
  • Remembering 9/11
    John Lamothe, associate editor
    For students and staff at Monroe Community College in New York, the best way to begin healing from 9/11 was to create a memorial to remember that day.
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