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Student Leader - Winter 2003

Can't We Just Get Along?
• ­Put your administration to the test
• Bridge the SG/administration gap
• Create a perfect SG/admin partnership
• Shape up your lame advisor
• Meet Monroe CC's monumental leader

Administrators, Relations With
  • Monumental Leader
    John Lamothe, associate editor
    ASACC President Daniel O'Hanlon uses his life-long experience to lead students nationwide
  • Perfect Partnership
    Risa G. Merl, senior editorial assistant
    A great relationship with administrators isn't a dream at these two schools it's a reality
  • SG vs. Administration
    Jamie Braun
    Want to mend a broken relationship between SG and the administration? We'll show you how
  • Test Your Administrators
    By Chris Jachimowicz
    Does your administration brush off SG or support it without question? Take ASGA's quiz to find out
Advisors, Relations With
  • Shape Up or Ship Out
    Ana Ribero
    Is your advisor a slacker or control freak? Mold your advisor into a lean, mean advising machine
Elections, Campaigns
  • Grab a Seat
    Eric Swalwell & Michael Marcelli
    Two student leaders share their experience of running for local office and winning
Leadership, Training & Development
  • To Boldly Go
    Jen Miller
    Studying abroad offers uique leadership opportunities, but is it worth leaving your leadership positions?
Publicity & Promotions
  • Just Say Thanks
    Tenia S. King
    Learning to say "thanks" to support personnel isn't only polite, but is key to your group's success
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