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Student Leader - Winter 2002

The SG Election Review
• Cover Profile: Angela Patterson
• Ready for a Crisis?
• Turning On SG Voters
• Campaign Strategies
• Welcome to the Party

Administrators, Relations With
  • Likeable Leader
    Jennifer Lind Westbrook
    At Southern Miss, SGA President Angela Patterson appeals to administrators and students alike while maintaining strong leadership skills.
Elections, Campaigns
  • Campaign Strategies
    Vincent Alex Brown, editor (compiled by)
    Hear from election winners who give their tricks of the trade for SG campaign success, from going electronic to simply getting out the vote.
  • Campaigning Do's and Don'ts
    Teresa Beard
    Review the ultimate checklist to follow for a successful SG campaign, from preparing to run to congratulating those who helped.
  • Cap Campaign Spending
    John Lamothe, associate editor
    Obviously, campus elections don't have to worry about issues such as big-business contributions or lobbyists, but the debate over spending limits should still concern Student Government.
  • Welcome to the Party
    John Lamothe, associate editor
    Find out how SG can benefit from a political party system,and how it can hurt.
Elections, Voting
  • Got Voters?
    Eric Hastie
    State student associations across the country have devised some innovative ideas to combat typically low voter turnout among students in local, state, and federal elections.
  • Turning On SG Voters
    John Lamothe, associate editor
    50% turnout isn't a dream. Some schools have found novel ways to increase voter participation.
On-line Voting
  • Elections Need a Boost?
    Butch Oxendine, editor in chief
    When schools implement web and electronic voting for their campus elections, they almost always realize
  • Is Web Voting for You?
    Butch Oxendine, editor in chief
    Higher voter turnout. A more educated student body. Hotly contested races. Better SG visibility. These are some of the benefits
  • Ready to Sign Up?
    Butch Oxendine, editor in chief
    Ready to bite the budget bullet and hire an electronic election service provider to run your campus elections? Here are details
Student Services/SG Programs and Events
  • Ready for a Crisis?
    Terri C. Houston
    When "the sky is falling," student body leaders need to have a plan in concert with administration to help students work through times of crisis.
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