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Student Leader - Fall 2005

Shape Up!
• Cover Profile: ASU President Gigi Green from Contra Costa College
• CCC's ASU gets a much-needed work out
• Realistic missions make lean, mean SGs
• Building SG stamina for the summer
• How to sculpt a muscular SG

Case Studies
  • From Gangs to Guru
    By Lindsay Downey, associate editor
    Get inspired by one student's journey from the streets to the Senate chambers and learn how he helps at-risk youth across the nation
  • Young at Heart
    By Chelsea Greenwood, Florida Leader interim editor
    Grandmother Gigi Green climbed the Associated Students Union ladder to the top while boosting participation at Contra Costa College
Improving Your SG
  • Summer Stamina
    By Grace Henry and Lindsay Downey
    Tired of losing valuable ground over the summer? Keep up to date on campus news and in touch with SG members to stay on track for fall
Leadership, Training & Development
  • Mental Fitness
    By Antonia McGuire
    Shape up! Overcome stress and be a more effective leader by keeping your mind in peak condition
Service, Campus and Community
  • Going the Distance
    By Chelsea Greenwood, Florida Leader interim editor
    Learn about student leaders who travel to war-torn Uganda to help disadvantaged villagers find hope and happiness
Structure of SGs
  • Mission: Impossible?
    By Anna Campitelli, editor
    ASGA members and advisors share their philosophies on what the mission and roles of an SG should be
Student Services/SG Programs and Events
  • Sculpting SG
    By Lindsay Downey, associate editor
    From minorities to transfer students, SGs must mold their policies and programs to accommodate all the student groups on campus
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