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Student Leader - Spring 2003

How To Leave a Legacy
• Tune-up your SG
• Tips on how to run your school
• Does your campus food stink?
• Grooming the next wave of leaders
• Meet University of Idaho's silent servant

Advisors, Resources
  • Advice for Advisors
    Compiled by Ahmed Samaha
    The nation's number one advisor counsels those struggling with the demands of the job.
Committees & Cabinet
  • How To Run Your School
    Butch Oxendine, editor in chief
    Serving on the faculty senate can give student leaders new perspective and influence on campus issues
Food Service
  • Does Campus Food Stink?
    Morgana Cabrera-Bray, editorial assistant
    Students must serve on food-service committees if they want to see changes in cafeteria quality
  • The Perfect Conference
    Butch Oxendine, editor in chief
    Which statewide, regional, and national leadership conferences are worth your time and money?
Elections, Campaigns
  • President for Life
    Butch Oxendine, editor in chief
    What are the pros and cons of SG leaders serving multiple terms?
Group Management, Member Relations
  • Talking Tactfully
    Kendall Isaac
    By following a few simple guidelines, you can improve communications with your staff
Improving Your SG
  • Recipe for Success
    Vincent Alex Brown, executive editor
    Is it business as usual in your SG office? Push your SG to the next level
  • Tune-Up Your SG
    Raoul Davis, University of Delaware
    Our six characteristics of a successful Student Government will help yours excel
Leadership, Training & Development
  • Groom the Next Leaders
    Autumn Redmon
    Student leaders can and should lead the way toward developing a mentor program at their schools
Media, Legal Issues
  • Having Press Problems?
    Lauren Russell
    SG has no right to hold a student newspaper's budget hostage if it disagrees with articles
Service, Campus and Community
  • Silent Servant
    John Lamothe, associate editor
    At the University of Idaho, Residence Life leader Joseph McKenna works to improve his campus, community, and other schools in the region
Transition Planning & Execution
  • Passing the Torch 2003
    Ryan Greenbaum, editorial assistant
    Staff transitions are difficult to overcome, but with planning, you can do it successfully
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